Lodge Counsel

Thomas Lauro: Lodge counsel

Mr. Lauro has been practicing law for the past 31 years in the New York City area and is a home grown product of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. He attended Nazareth High School, SUNY at Albany, and Golden Gate Law School. To make his practice accessible to all clients, he has numerous satellite offices all over New York City. He is currently on the speaking circuit with the following neighborhood organizations: Neighborhood Housing Services, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Habitat for the Humanities, Northeast Brooklyn Housing of Bedford Stuyvesant, Margert Community Corp., NYC Department of Sanitation Retirees, and the Fraternal Order of Police. Mr Lauro has also been working with the New York City Partnership and the New York City Subsidy Assistance Program to help first time home buyers since 1984 when some of the very first subsidy homes were built in Coney Island. Mr. Lauro remembers where his roots are and treats all his clients with respect, compassion, and professionalism. Mr. Lauro can be contacted at 347-273-1342 or via email at thomaslauroesq@yahoo.com.

As a member of Lodge 35, Mr. Lauro is offering discounted rates to any members who need assistance. He specializes in:

Real estate (purchase, sale, marketing, mortgages, bank loans, etc.)
Licensed Real Estate Broker – New York
Licensed Salesperson with Gloria Nilson GMAC
Powers of Attorney/Living Wills
Personal Injuries/Accident Cases
Medical Malpractice
General Business Law
Lease Preparation
Landlord/Tenant Formation of Corporations Buying and Selling of Businesses Income Tax Preparation

Mullaney and Gjelaj Law Firm

Mullaney and Gjelaj is a law firm which can assist the members for any of their personal injury, workers compensation, criminal, wills, trusts, estates and real estate needs. Our partners have been named as super lawyers and rising stars and their results have been published in various types of media. Our firm has represented numerous law enforcement members especially court officers. This stems from our great respect that MAG holds for law enforcement officials. Patrick Mullaneys brother is a Supreme Court officer in queens criminal and Patrick is the son of a former New York City policeman as well as the son in law of a retired lieutenant in the nypd. We look forward to servicing those who keep our courts and streets safe for us.

Mullaney and Gjelaj will donate a portion of any legal fees derived from representaiton of a lodge member to Lodge #35 Scholarship program, as well as give discounts to its members.

For more information: Mullaney and Gjelaj Law Firm

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